RexxiRoo Rabbitry

Quality Rex in Black, Castor, Otter and Broken.


Calloway's Lucid

White Buck

This guy is a total goof. Always hanging his head out of the cages and bouncing around. Such a sweet heart, I'm excited to see this breed has such a sweet disposition.

Calloway's Virtue

White Doe

This doe is super sweet, hangs her head out for lovin's. She's not the best showing doe as she lacks some depth over her loin, but she's got killer width to go with Lucid. 

RexxiRoo's Wattson

White Buck

Wattson is a nice buck, out of my first litter of Beverens. He's got good length and depth of body. He is in a massive molt in the photo. 

RexxiRoo's Oswald

White Buck

Oswald is the brother of Wattson. He's a stubborn poser, but I like his bone and coat. 

RexxiRoo's Princess

White Doe

Princess is a lovely doe. I know her name is super original but that's what we called her everytime we opened her door. She's super sweet and is always hanging out of the cage for attention. Unfortunately she had a rough start and the very tips of her ears were chewed off as a baby. She has a rocking body and very nice coat. 

Reilly's Jewel

White Doe

I had the opportunity to purchase Jewel from someone in my state who decided to part with Beverens because stock is very hard to come by without traveling hours to obtain it. Jewel does have a NZW in the 3rd generation of her pedigree. Even so, she conforms very well to the standard, and has a nice deep body with a very nice HQ. 

Pumpkin's Hikaru

White Buck

Hikaru, along with Lucid, will likely remain my herd sires for some time. They are the least related to the does I have currently. Hikaru is a promising young buck with nice shoulders and good depth of body. 

Pumpkin's Kaoru

White Doe

Kaoru is a pretty little girl. She is Hikaru's sister. She's stubborn to pose, but she has a promising coat and good depth of body. 

Tye's Usa-Chan

White Doe

I had the rare opportunity to purchase this little gal from a breeder in Indiana who just happened to be in the mitten for the Czech Frostie national show. She's cute as a button, and ridiculously sweet.  

RexxiRoo's Hani

White Doe

Hani is the last offspring I was able to get out of my Calloway doe, Radiance, who had difficulty raising litters. She was raised by one of my favorite Rex does and has been growing to a very pretty girl. 

RexxiRoo's Blue Boy

Blue Sport Buck

Blue is the result of an experimental breeding between a black Flemish Giant doe and my buck Lucid. At the time I was uncertain how I was going to be able to obtain more stock and used a Flemish to bring in more bloodline. The doe I used was from a clean pedigree background, which is common in Flemish, and I figured because they have the same body type and fur structure they would be my best bet for the cause. 

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