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Quality Rex in Black, Castor, Otter and Broken.

Britannia Petites

Brits are fairly new to the rabbitry. I thought it might be fun to try something totally different from the Rex. They are a lot of fun and an experience to raise for sure. Not a beginners rabbit, and they don't make the greatest pets as they have a lot of energy and a fine frame. But they make excellent hopping rabbits! 

TAT's Cider

Chestnut Agouti Sr. Doe

Cider is a pretty doe, I'd like to see more daylight under her but she's got the nicest set of eyes in the rabbitry. She has very fine bone, but as one can see from the photo has developed a small dewlap making her unshowable. 

RexxiRoo's Vanilla Twilight

REW Sr. Doe

Twilight is a pretty nice little doe. I didn't show her much due to an injury as a baby. She's very fine and small. I love the ears and eyes on this doe, she just tends to lean forward when posed. 

RexxiRoo's Fancy That

REW Sr. Doe

Fancy was gorgeous as a baby. She never quite grew out of her "baby fat" so she's always been chunkier in the middle dispelling the desired daylight beneath her. She's got lovely legs and topline. 

RexxiRoo's Nutmeg

Chestnut Agouti Sr. Doe (baby photo)

This doe could have done much better on the tables if the judges hadn't been so distracted by her darker color. She sets beautifully, gorgeous legs and topline and lots of daylight to show. She produced me some fine looking babies this spring. 

RexxiRoo's Wolf Bite

Black Otter Jr. Doe

I LOVE the bone on this doe. She is very refined with lots of leg and daylight. Can't wait to see how she develops. 

RexxiRoo's Sky Diver

Black Otter  Buck

2 GC Legs

This guy has been doing pretty well at shows. It will be nice to have another buck besides Kai to use. He got BOB and BOSB as his first shows, but not enough exhibitors for legs. I'd like to see how he does with more competitors. 

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