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Quality Rex in Black, Castor, Otter and Broken.

RexxiRoo's Kaos

Black Sr. Buck

Legs: 6 

Kaos was very exciting for me, my second homegrown rabbit to earn legs at a show and my first home grown to be grand champion eligible. Retired from the show tables now, he's a busy guy in the rabbitry. ;) He's produced some very promising juniors for me so far this year. 

Maple Lane's Rockie Road

Chocolate Otter Sr. Buck

Legs: (none)

Rockie is an awesome rabbit. He's my herd sire for my chocolate otter program. Super sweet and outgoing buck, produced some promising offspring this spring, including a gorgeous lilac otter that I retained from him. 

RexxiRoo's Chasing Disaster

Black Otter Sr. Buck

Legs: 1

Chase is a stellar boy. My first baby to keep out of Kaos from 2013, I just wish I'd gotten to show him more in his prime. He took BOS at his first show winning his one and only leg. Hope to put this guy to work this spring in attempt to get some nice offspring. 

RexxiRoo's Metro

Broken Black Jr. Buck

Legs: 6 Registered GC

Very promising young buck from my 2014 breedings. Excellent coat and very nice type to boot! At his first show received some very promising comments. He's done very well at shows for me this spring. Several BOV wins and a BOB too. Excited to see how some of his babies turn out this fall!

RexxiRoo's Zane

Black Otter Sr. Buck

Legs: 6 Registered GC

Zane was one of those "wow" babies that popped up after not looking at him for a few months. He really developed well and has earned legs at his first two shows. His first time out was Rex Nationals, where he place 1st in the Otter sr buck class, then his second time out he takes BOB! Looking forward to showing this guy more and seeing what he produces with some of my girls!

DR's Shatter Me

Broken Black Otter Sr. Buck

I was lucky enough to purchase this guy from Tony Smith in August of 2014 after my old herd buck Crixus had passed on. He's got a nice body, good size and density of coat. Love the babies he's produced so far in the rabbitry, hope that he produces many more!

RexxiRoo's Kirito

Black Jr Buck

Legs: (none, yet)

Kirito is VERY promising. He has a lovely coat and a pretty solid body on him. He hasn't hit the tables yet, but will be this spring. I think he's got lots of promise!

RexxiRoo's Rin

Black Jr Buck

Legs: (none, yet)

Rin also has a lot of promise to him. He's gonna be a big boy with lots of width. It will be interesting to see how he and Kirito will compete with one another. 

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