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Quality Rex in Black, Castor, Otter and Broken.

RexxiRoo's Adonai

Broken Black Sr. Doe

Legs: 2

Addi is one of my all-time favorites. She is HUGE and produces fabulous babies! She has tons of width and has that fabulous coat that a Rex should have. This lady never poses for photos! 

RexxiRoo's Opal

Broken Opal Sr. Doe


Opie is a pretty little doe. She was a monster baby but lacks color to show as she's a charlie. She has really nice type and fur and has produced some nice babies for me. 

Slovak's Iris

Lilac Sr. Doe

Legs: (none)

I LOVE this doe! She has an awesome body and was really impressed with her first litter. I can't wait to see what else she produces. 

RexxiRoo's Silhouette

Black Doe

Legs: (none)

I am really like how this doe is turning out. She's deep, she's wide and she's got FUR. Can't wait to show her! First time out she took a double BOV with looks for BOB. We were just short one black for legs. :( Hope to get her out a few more times before breeding. 

RexxiRoo's Shooting Star

Broken Black Doe

Legs: 3 Registered GC

Star is a gorgeous doe, she's been kicking butt this fall on the tables in the broken group. She has a very nice DEEP topline, good coat and a full hiney. She's now retired from the show tables to be used for making more champions. 

RexxiRoo's Melodie

Broken Castor Doe

Legs: 1 BOV

Love this doe. She is built like a HOUSE. Considering her mother is a tad on the small size this early is huge! Love the width and coat this doe has, plus a decent topline! Can't wait to see what she produces for the rabbitry!

RexxiRoo's Mi Amora

Broken Opal Sr. Doe

Legs: (none)

Amora is a pretty girl. She had originally gone to live with my sister, but had to return to me after my sister had to relocate. So I decided to put her to work here in the barn. So far she's produced some really lovely babies for me, and hope she continues to out produce herself! (she needs an update picture)

RexxiRoo's Mi Corazon

Castor Sr. Doe

Legs: 1 

LOVE this doe! She's got a rockin' body and a decent coat. Only been on the table a handful of times, has already won 3 BOS, but 2 did not have enough exhibitors to earn a leg (there were enough rabbits though). 5th place castor Sr. Doe at the 2015 Rex Nationals and has received some really nice comments. Can't wait to show her more!

Somethin's Jumpin's SJ024

Broken Black Otter Sr Doe

Picked up this girl from Rex Nationals in NY. She is going to be used to pair with some of my little boys. She is HUGE, already over 8lbs at just 4 months old. Good depth and width and a pretty nice coat. 

RexxiRoo's Asuna

Broken Castor Sr Doe

Legs: 2

Really LOVE this doe. She's got a rocking body, fur and is HUGE (over 10lbs!). Her show career didn't last as long as I would've liked as her coat was slipping and it was time for her to be bred after only attending 3 shows. Hoping she produces babies as nice as her! Unfortunately I won't be able to repeat her breeding as her sire passed away shortly after she was born. 

RexxiRoo's Suguha

Broken Castor Sr Doe

Legs: (none)

Sugu is Asuna's sister. She's not quite as nice, but she has astounding color and fur. She has aspects to her that will be useful in my breeding program. Hope to get a couple good litters out of her! 

RexxiRoo's Yuuki

Castor Sr Doe

Legs: (none, yet)

Yuuki is a very pretty doe, she's got fabulous fur and is DEEP. Hoping I get to show her some before breeding her. She was born in mid 2015 so hasn't had much time on the show table yet!

RexxiRoo's Venus

Broken Blue Otter Sr Doe

Legs: (none, yet)

Venus is a very pretty doe and a rare dilute to keep. She's out of my chocolate otter buck so I hope to use her to get some potentially decent chocolates! She's got very nice type and a pretty sharp coat! Hasn't had any table time yet, hope to change that this spring! 

RexxiRoo's Whirlwind

Opal Sr Doe

Legs: (none, yet)

Whirlwind got her name because she really likes to "zoom" in her cage. She really likes to play with whatever she can get ahold of which is not limited to her resting board or urine guards. Regardless she's a very pretty doe. She has DEPTH to the rising sun! And lovely fur to boot. She also hasn't had any table time, and I might have to resort to breeding her before she gets the opportunity. Even so I think she'll doe well and produce some very nice offspring. 

RexxiRoo's Sakuya

Castor Jr Doe

Legs: (none, yet)

Saki is a pretty little doe. She's out of a repeat breeding which I lost a very nice buck from. Due to her fur I'm doubtful of her show career (color is meh thus far and she may end up with protruding guard hairs) but she has TYPE! Lots of depth and a nice well rounded doe. I think she'll produce some very nice babies for me in the future. 

RexxiRoo's Nightingale

Black Jr Doe

Legs: (none, yet)

Night is full siblings with Saki above. I think this girl has a pretty promising show career ahead of her once her fur finishes. She's a very well rounded doe with lots of potential! 

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